Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hosting Your Own Blog

One important step to start your affiliate marketing (i.e. to start make money online) is to start create your own web site. This is done by first finding a Web Hosting company. Choosing a good hosting is like choosing a good life partner. It can make or break your business. Among the good hosting companies that constantly receiving good review are Hostgator and Blue Host. Apart from having a blog at, I also host my own web sites. Needless to say, Blue Host is my choice. So far, I am satisfied with their services. This hosting company allows me to host multiple web site under one account. That allows me to better manage my various web sites better.

Why is it important to host your own web site? Why not get some free hosting? Well, there are always fine prints when you host your web site or blog in free hosting environment. Even for Blogger, you would never know when they will change their Terms of Use. You may run into problem of claiming your rights to your blogs. So, it would be advisable to have your own web hosting.

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Now, there are different plans to choose from, which is right for you? My personal view is to choose one that allows you to host multiple domain. The reason is simple: once you are into Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, you will probably be doing more than one product or even be doing more than one model of business. Chances are that you need more than One domain and web site.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies - Part 2

Affiliate Internet Marketing - Finding A Good Product To Sell
The Second Step in Affiliate Marketing is to find a product to sell. It is easy. You can go to and search for a quite popular product. For beginner, it is easier to sell information product from since you basically can hands-off. You don't have to worry about delivery, warranty and support. Your job is to refer visitors to the merchant's website. If the visitor buys, you earn a commission. Otherwise you wasted your effort.

The reason I recommend you to get a popular product is very simple. If the product is selling well, it proves 2 things. Firstly, there is a market for the product. The demand must be quit good. Secondly, the sales page of the product must be quite good. Otherwise, it may not be able to sell so many. So, for a new affiliate marketer, it is easier to look for such product to sell than to trying to get a less popular product and try to push it fot the visitors. If you want to products, take at look at Internet Marketing website to get an idea of what to sell.

In Internet Marketing, it boils down to only 2 things: Traffic and Conversion.

Once you have chosen your product, the next thing you do is to promote the product. You can use Pay Per Click search engine to bring traffic to your website. There are other ways to get traffic but those will take time to build.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

World Internet Mega Sumit 2007 At Singapore Expo

This is the largest Internet Marketing in the world right now. Over 2,000 people attended this 4 days event. Many of the people are new to the Internet Marketing while about half of them are either already making money online or has tried doing Internet Marketing. One thing for sure, many people has given up their "traditional" trade to move into the Internet. Generally, people who are already running a traditional business tend to have easier success than people who had been employee all their lives. This goes to show that Internet marketing is not about the "technical stuff", it is more about "business".

Different Internet marketers has their own methods of generating traffic and creating products. Among them, Tom Hua has been using viral marketing with eBook. His famous “Working with Clickbank” is still floating around many places after more than 5 years.

Mark Joyner, the God Father of Internet Marketing, has always come across to me as a “deep thinking” person. He advises us against using short-term tactics like bribe, trick, fake, pollute, steal etc to gain quick sales. He advocates long term, honest, sincere method using “irresistible offer” that comes with lots of “real” value to the customer.

Something to think about…

Monday, April 23, 2007

Make Easy Money Online with Rich Jerk

Here is the guy who makes millions from the Internet and called himself a Jerk and He Acts Like One! Let's keep it cool. We want to be RICH but we don't want to be a Jerk! Read about how to make first $1000 online...Let's not worry about his crude vulgarity. Can't we just look that what he really got to offer and see if he really makes sense? Sure we can filter out the noise and look at the substance...

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Easiest Online Money You Ever Made As Internet Marketer

Wonder How To Make Money On The Internet? I mean real and legitimate business. One simple way is to become an affiliate marketer selling other people's products. Interested to learn more? Let Supper Affiliate Marketer tell you more...

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